Sow the resources of Latin America to contribute to its development and promote the growth and freedom of people.

Doctorminer Anthem

Mining is a way of thinking. It is an attitude that we assume for life. It's a strong stance to participate in something big. To embrace an idea that changed everything. Mining is a way of believing. And we believe in decentralization. That's why we mine Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin has no gods or owners. Mining is a way of behaving is moving forward with purpose, vision and strategy. is utilizing our resources efficiently. To transform energy into value, 24/7. Mining is an opportunity for progress. Is a solution for the energy industry. Is an engine for growth in Latin America. Is a source of people’s freedom. Mining is a symbol of resistance. They’ll call us romantics for being passionate. They’ll call us weird for being disruptive. They’ll call us crazy, but crazy would actually be not doing it.